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Is this a fucking joke?

Posted by'Bill' on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 19:56pm

Americans shouldn't take it we neeedd a new tea party. Spontaneous small tea parties started up which grew. Much later, Dick Armey co-opted but that was a good time later.Original tea party folks opposed the bailouts of both Bush and Obama the idea that Bush was excused is completely wrong. Much of the problem was that the right had become so protective of Bush during his term in response to the constant derision of press and the anti-war left. I say this not to excuse the response on the right but most did not realize what was happening just as many blind Obama supporters don't see what is happening now.I know that I voiced my own problems with Bush about too many executive orders and too much deficit spending but my objections were over things like passing Medicare D and giving out 2 rounds of stimulus money as well as the Fed keeping the interest rate artificially so low, and not the wars, which I support. I do not support all the invasion into privacy or the compassionate conservatism Bush espoused. I do respect that after 9-11 he kept us safe and that no ambassadors were killed under his watch.In any event, the original tea partiers were the ones who usually espoused the you've awakened a sleeping giant philosophy . Most of those on the right realize we were asleep at the wheel and not paying attention. Many of us regret that and are trying to make amends pursuant to our own beliefs. Understandably, those beliefs are not often shared by those on the left because the views of how to fix things, like the economy, are so completely different.What I believe at this point is that Romney knows something about creating jobs, about fixing things like broken companies and corrupt Olympics. I also believe that after almost 4 years as President, Obama still doesn't understand a damn thing about economics of any kind except campaign finance and he does not want to know. He just wants to keep repeating the same thing over and over because it is what he believes in whether it works or not.I also believe that Americans are still resilient. Our economy has gotten a little better IN SPITE OF and not because of anything Obama has done mainly because those in our country still believe and strive to become better.I also believe that if Romney is elected, the companies who are currently sitting on money because they are uncertain will start hiring and unleashing the power of that money but that we still are probably facing tremendous inflation and stark times ahead.In other words, with Obama there is no hope except that we will continue limping along. At least with Romney, there is some reason to believe based on his ability to make things work in a state where most of the legislature was of the opposite party and due to his success in turning around the Olympics, that there might be a chance to recover more quickly.

Posted by'Pravin' on Thursday, 04.17.14 @ 22:51pm

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