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i'd love to sit on that dick

Posted by'wow' on Sunday, 08.23.09 @ 20:16pm

You have the most beautiful cock and face. I jacked off looking at you.

Posted by'Jake' on Friday, 12.25.09 @ 18:25pm

wow would love to suck you and than let you fuck me with that...and feel that beard in my ass crack

Posted by'P' on Wednesday, 06.9.10 @ 17:48pm


Posted by'ED' on Thursday, 01.6.11 @ 18:29pm

he's a gay pirates dream. what is that u ask? a sunken chest. the only thing hot abOUT him is his long, fat cock.

Posted by'GAY OUT PROUD (GOP)' on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 11:53am

A piece of eritiduon unlike any other!

Posted by'Jacklynn' on Monday, 01.11.16 @ 16:15pm

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Posted by'Toporkpl' on Thursday, 03.2.17 @ 07:55am

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Posted by'Tarokdela' on Monday, 03.6.17 @ 05:18am

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Posted by'Orknarokpi' on Thursday, 03.16.17 @ 15:12pm

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Posted by'canaike' on Tuesday, 04.4.17 @ 17:51pm

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Posted by'Grimsow' on Saturday, 04.8.17 @ 12:17pm

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Since 2006, biosimilar medicines father generated more than 400 million patient days of clinical experience. Allina Fettle Retreat Oxygen & Medical Accoutrements is licensed to deliver formula medical devices in Minnesota, Wisconsin and states that do not press for out-of-state licensure. AT stands for Atherothrombosis that is mostly unacknowledged by the grouping on the street order 50 mg viagra soft fast delivery erectile dysfunction drugs canada.

Posted by'Iljast' on Tuesday, 04.11.17 @ 15:25pm

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Posted by'fmFlued' on Wednesday, 04.19.17 @ 07:39am

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Posted by'MatthewTeavy' on Friday, 04.28.17 @ 03:35am

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